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Vape Battery Safety Guide

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Vape battery safety used to be a very overlooked aspect of the vape industry, but thankfully we’ve made great strides to improve education as a community.

If you own a regulated vape mod powered by batteries such as 18650s, 20700s, or 21700s, then this guide is for you.

Read on to find out about the basics of vape battery safety.

1.) Keep Battery Wraps Intact

assorted vape battery wrap colors

The number one thing I always say is make sure there are no tears or nicks on your battery wraps.

You want them to look as pristine as the day you got them.

If you notice there is any damage to the wraps, you should get them re-wrapped before using them again.

Battery wraps are very inexpensive and easy to put on.

At La Dulce Vapor Lab, we charge 25 cents per wrap, which includes installation.

2.) Use Battery Cases

different vape battery cases

Never put batteries in your pocket or purse if they're not in a battery case.

If loose change or any other metal objects come in contact with the terminal ends, the batteries can arc, causing them to vent and potentially explode.

One specific news story comes to mind where this happened, and it could have been prevented if the individual had used a plastic battery case to store his batteries.

At La Dulce Vapor Lab, we offer battery cases for free upon request.

Using battery cases is another cheap and easy way to achieve proper battery safety.

3.) Use Quality, Name-Brand Batteries

different brands of vape batteries

There’s a simple rule I like to follow; if they don’t make TVs, then don’t use their batteries.

Hohm Tech and RadioShack are the only two battery brands I will make an exception to this rule for.

The most trusted battery brands are Sony, Samsung, and LG.

These three major brands conduct stringent testing on their batteries before they sell them to the consumer.

When batteries don’t make the cut, these companies sell them to third parties, who re-wrap them and sell them off as their own.

More often than not, it’s simply the battery didn’t meet the proper power ratings, but wouldn’t you want to spend the extra dollar or two to make sure you’re getting a high-quality battery, and not a knock off?

There’s actually a guy out there who tests vape batteries to check their quality and to make sure the company isn’t advertising false power ratings.

He goes by Mooch, and you should definitely check out his work, which can be found here.

To see the current list of batteries we carry at La Dulce Vapor Lab, click here.

4.) Avoid Extreme Temperatures

thermometer being heated by the sun

Never leave your batteries in a super-hot or cold environment, such as your car.

Although batteries can tolerate a wide range of temperatures, it’s not a good idea to test their limits.

Aside from potentially causing your batteries to swell and vent, high temperatures can strain your batteries and make them age faster, and colder temperatures can take a toll on the battery’s capacity over time.

Play it safe and store your batteries indoors at room temperature when they’re not in use.

5.) Use a Dedicated Charger

assortment of vape battery chargers

Most of the devices made today have protective features to make charging your batteries directly in your mod safe, but it’s always recommended to use a dedicated charger.

By using a dedicated charger, you also get the added benefit of having pre-charged batteries to pop in when your current set run out of juice.

At La Dulce Vapor Lab, we carry four different chargers all with different capabilities.

Click here to see the dedicated chargers we currently carry.

6.) Marry Your Batteries

married vape batteries

If you have a mod that uses more than one battery, always use the same battery brand and model, such as a pair of Samsung 25Rs, and keep them married.

Marrying your batteries means always using them in pairs and always together.

Over time, batteries’ mAh capacities decrease, and if you switch one of the married batteries out for a newer one or for a different brand, your mod could put excessive strain on one of the batteries due to the imbalance.

Marrying your batteries ensures the cells get the same number of charges and discharges and help delay the imbalances in capacity and performance.

7.) Replace and Recycle

recycle symbol

Depending on how often you use them, it’s recommended you replace your batteries every six months to a year.

Rechargeable batteries are only good up to a certain amount of uses, and if you start to notice your batteries don’t last as long as they used to, then it’s time to change them out for a new set.

When replacing old batteries, you should recycle them instead of throwing them away.

Vape batteries can easily short-circuit in a trash can, which can be dangerous, and it’s also better for the environment to recycle them.

If you need help finding a place to recycle your batteries, many local retailers participate in the national call2recycle program.

You can check to see if there’s one in your local area here.

If you must dispose of batteries in the trash, place a piece of tape securely over each terminal end of the battery before placing it in the trash, or place individual batteries in a strong plastic zip-top bag before throwing them away.

Let’s Recap

By keeping your battery wraps intact, using battery cases, using quality, name brand batteries, avoiding extreme temperatures, using a dedicated charger, marrying your batteries, and replacing and recycling properly, you should eliminate the dangers associated with using vape batteries.

If you have any further questions about battery safety, or want to know more about any of the safety tips I talked about, feel free to visit our vape shop or give us a call!

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