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The Lost Vape Orion – An In-Depth Review

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

The Lost Vape Orion DNA Go has become one of the most popular devices we sell here at La Dulce Vapor Lab. After over six months of carrying and selling the device, we still have yet to find another pod system that can compete with its quality and performance. But what makes the Lost Vape Orion so special? Why do customers who use one never switch back to another salt nic device? Let’s get into that:

lost vape orion dna colors

About the Manufacturer

The Lost Vape Orion is the latest device, and first pod system, from the popular manufacturer Lost Vape. Lost Vape is known for their mods with DNA chips, including the Drone, the Therion, the Triad, and the Paranormal mods. The Orion is a rectangle style AIO Pod system with a built in 950mah battery, and in typical DNA fashion, easily the most customizable and feature rich pod system on the market. It’s available as a device only or in a kit with 3 pods included. At La Dulce Vapor Lab, we sell the device for $79.99 and throw in a pod of your choice for an additional $5. After that, a pack of two pods sell for $11.99.

Manufacturer Specs

· Internal 950mAh Rechargeable Battery (About 450 Puffs Per Charge)

· Advanced Evolv DNA Go Chip

· Maximum Wattage Output: 40W

· Replay Functionality – Green Light

· Lock Function – Purple Light

· Three Power Outputs: Low (White), Medium (Blue), High (Red)

· 2ml Refillable Pod Design

· Each Pod Lasts Up To 14 Days

· MTL Delrin Drip Tip

· Dual Adjustable Airflow - Located Below Drip Tip

· Micro USB Port - Charge & Firmware Upgrade via Escribe

· Short-Circuit Protection

· Weak Battery Protection

· Temperature Protection

· Low/High Resistance Protection

· Frame Colors - Stainless, Black, Blue, Gold, Rainbow

· Panel Colors - Carbon Fiber, Gold Abalone or Ocean Scallop

Included in box (device version)

· 1 x Lost Vape Orion DNA Go

· 1 x Lost Vape Orion Lanyard

· 1 x Micro USB Cable

· 1 x User Manual

· 1 x Guidance Information Booklet

Coil Options

· 0.25ohm SS316L Pods (Vapor Focused)

· 0.5ohm SS316L Pods (Flavor Focused)

The Initial Batch

Unbeknown to Lost Vape, when the Orions first released they had a faulty capacitor issue. Around 40,000 units were affected, and some of the devices would break after about a week of use. At La Dulce Vapor Lab, we exchanged about 50% of the Orions we sold. Customers were pissed the device broke on them, but they loved the vape experience it gave them and couldn't wait to get it exchanged. Online, many people did not have the same luxury and they were ROASTING Lost Vape on the forums. Lost Vape knew they had a major problem, and unlike most vape companies out there, they actually fixed the issue. Every device that we’ve gotten after the initial batch of units has had zero issues and worked great. If you read an online forum about how the Orions are trash, just know that specific issue is no longer an issue. Lost Vape also provides an insane 6-month warranty, so if you do ever run into any issues you can send it in to be fixed. Their response time on the warranty is pretty fast too. When we tested it out, two weeks was the longest wait time we saw to get our device back.

Color Options

· Stainless steel frame with carbon fiber panels

· Stainless steel frame with ocean scallop panels

· Black frame with carbon fiber panels

· Black frame with ocean scallop panels

· Blue frame with carbon fiber panels

· Blue frame with ocean scallop panels

· Gold frame with carbon fiber panels

· Gold frame with gold abalone panels

· Rainbow frame with carbon fiber panels

· Rainbow frame with gold abalone panels

· Black frame with red inlayed carbon fiber panels

· Black frame with blue inlayed carbon fiber panels (not pictured)

· Black frame Project Sub Ohm edition with blue panels (not pictured)

Lost Vape has come out with THIRTEEN color variations since the creation of the Orion, some of which are harder to find than others. The most common colors you will find come in stainless steel, black, blue, and gold, each with a carbon fiber version and either a scallop or abalone version, depending on the color. The harder to find color variations are the rainbow versions, which also come with carbon fiber or abalone options. If your local vape shop has the right connections, you can probably find these rarer rainbow versions. There are even some color variations that are sold out completely now. There were red and blue carbon fiber inlayed versions, which came only in the black option for the frame. During their initial release, Lost Vape also made a Project Sub Ohm edition of the Orion. If you own a PSO edition of the Orion, know that you are one of only 10,000 people in existence that do. We carried the PSO version and the red and blue carbon fiber inlayed versions at first, but they were quickly devoured by our customer base.


The DNA Go version of the Orion has two options for pods; either the 0.25ohm vapor focused pod or the 0.5ohm flavor focused pod. The 0.5ohm pod gives you a very smooth, flavorful vape experience, without a lot of throat hit. I’ve found if you vaped on a regular mod in the past, this is the pod option the majority will choose. The 0.25ohm pod gives a much stronger throat hit than the 0.5ohm option, and it’s what I personally use. I’ve found the majority of ex-smokers will enjoy this pod more than the former. Lost vape also states you can use freebase nicotine e-liquids with the 0.25ohm pod. Each pod also comes with an adjustable airflow ring located beneath the drip tip. So, whether you want a tight draw or open airflow, you can control it.

Pod length is a finicky aspect of the Orion. Inside its user manual, Lost Vape states the life span of their pods is up to 14 days. From my personal experience, and the experience of most of my customers, pods normally last until around the 7 day mark. Some people have them burn out faster, and some even last the full 14 days. But from my own experience, you’re more likely than not to experience a week before it burns out on you.

The biggest selling point about the pods is leaking is virtually nonexistent, granted, of course, you’re using the device the way it was intended. The genius comes from the way the pods were designed. Unlike most pod systems out there, that have one juice chamber and a place for the coil to sit in the middle, the Orion pod has THREE chambers. It has what I call the “wet” chamber, which is where you fill your juice in, and two “dry” chambers, which we’ll deem the “coil chamber” and the “spit-back chamber.” The wet chamber is connected to the coil chamber by a strip of cotton running between the two. As juice feeds through the cotton, the coil gets saturated for vaping. Above the coil chamber sits the spit-back chamber. It’s basically a plate sitting above the coil in order to prevent any hot juice pops that come from the coil chamber. In my opinion, this three-chambered system provides the best salt nic vaping experience possible and is miles ahead of other pod systems. The only negative aspect of the three chambered design is the potential for flooding. NEVER try to force juice into the coil chamber by sucking it through. If you over do it and suck too much juice through, it’s near impossible to get the excess juice out. The only way to get it out is to vape it off, which is going to have you getting the majority of it in your mouth. Take it from me, just be patient and allow the cotton to saturate itself. Nobody wants a flooded pod.

Battery and Operation of Device

The Orion has a very large battery for its size, 950mah to be exact. Personally, if I have it at full charge in the morning, it will last me all day until I get home to plug it back in the charger at night. A lot of my customers even have it last them a few days. As with any vape device though, it all depends on how much you use it. What wattage you run the device at can also play a big factor. For reference, I run mine at 15watts and vape all day. If you want to check your battery life on the device, simply press the fire button two times within one second and the light indicator will turn on. The blue light indicates 95-100% battery life, green at 70-95% battery, yellow at 30-70% battery, and red at 15-30% battery. If you ever see flashing red while vaping, you better find a charger fast; that means that you’re at less than 15% battery life. The flashing red is the only time I’ve ever experienced a change in the quality of hit the Orion gives. Charging is also pretty fast. It takes a little more than an hour to go from dead to full charge.

In order to lock the Orion, simply press the fire button five times within two seconds. After it’s locked, a purple light will be shown when you press the fire button indicating you’re locked. In order to unlock the device, hit the fire button five times again and you’re good to go. If you want to change power levels, press the power adjustment button one time to see what power you’re on, and then however many times again until you get to the power you want it at. Stock, the power setting colors are white (low), blue (medium), and red (high).

The DNA Chip and Power Settings

Having the Evolv DNA Go chip inside of the Orion brings many benefits, the main one being that you can customize the device to hit exactly how you want. Whether you want a smooth hit, a throat hit, more vapor, or less vapor, the DNA chip paired with the pod options gives you that capability. In order to gain the full customizability, first you need to get onto your computer and download the Evolv EScribe Suite, which can be found here:

They have both Windows and Mac versions, so select which one you need and download it. After downloading the application, open it and connect your Orion to the computer with a micro-USB cable. It should give you a selection screen with the name of your device on it. Select your device. It will then download your device settings and then you’re in.

Inside the settings section of the suite, you will find the options for all three power settings of the device. You can adjust the power, boost, and the indicator color for each power setting. The power options are defined as a wattage value, which can go all the way up to 40 watts. Just type in what you want for each value and you’re good to go. When it comes to boost, I set all my values to 0. The boost is meant to give you a quicker ramp up time for your vape hit, but in all honesty, we’re working with very tiny coils here and the ramp up time is fast regardless. I’ve also found that having your boost set to zero will prolong the life of your pod, as there’s less burnt hits. As far as the color settings go, the possibilities are endless. Click on which color you want to change, and it will pull up a color wheel where you can select any color your heart desires. Pro tip: the black color option means there will be no light, I learned that the hard way. After you change the settings you want, click upload setting to device, wait for the process to complete, click the disconnect tab, and you’re all done! Of course, there is a ton more that you can do with Escribe, but that’s all you need to know for the basic operation of the program.

In Conclusion


· Tons of color options to choose from

· Pods have large 2ml capacity

· Can see juice level and fill without having to take pod out

· Spit-back guard in pod

· Adjustable airflow

· Virtually no leaking issues

· Large battery with passthrough charging

· Fast charge time (about an hour, from dead)

· Accurate battery life indicator

· DNA chip makes it extremely customizable

· 3 adjustable power settings

· Small, portable size

· High quality materials

· Button fire with lock feature

· 6-month warranty from Lost Vape


· Price point can be a turn off

· Relatively short pod life

· Initial batch of 40,000 units had issues.

As you can see, The Lost Vape Orion is chalked full of positives and not a lot of negatives. Since its release, the Orion has dominated the pod system market and I don’t see it wavering any time soon. Compare them to other pod systems we carry. If you have any further questions about the Lost Vape Orion or want to know more about any of the features that I talked about, feel free to visit our vape shop or give us a call! La Dulce Vapor Lab is located at 1045 Garden of the Gods Rd Ste B, Colorado Springs, CO. You can reach us at (719) 203-4509.

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